September Sale

The next Southern Virginia Meat Goat sale is scheduled for Saturday,September 7 at 1pm. This will be an auction at Hollering Hills Auction, located at 4108 Hunting Creek Rd, Nathalie, Virginia 24877.

The sale starts at 1 pm. You can unload starting at 7 am up to start of the auction. We will need to know how many sheep/goats you plan to have at the auction by August 1. We currently have 319 sheep/goats committed to the auction. This promises to be a good opportunity to sell you stock with competitive bidding that you will not want to miss.
Please contact Debbie Duffer (434)470-0550 or KimĀ Grossman (434)251-2300 by August 1 to confirm the number of animals you will be bringing and for any further questions or concerns.