September Sale

The next Southern Virginia Meat Goat Association sale is scheduled for Saturday
September 7, 2019 at 1 pm. The sale will be conducted as a livestock auction; held in cooperation with Hollering Hills Auction, 4108 Hunting Creek Road,Nathalie, VirginiaThe sale will be open to SVMGA members and non-members.

All goats and sheep may be included in the auction. Please see attached for details.

We need a minimum of 150 sheep and goats to attract multiple buyers to the auction. The more livestock we have the more buyers we will be able to attract. More buyers mean more competitive bidding and higher prices for your livestock. We need to know by August 1, 2019 the type (goat or sheep) and the number of livestock you are bringing.

Please contact Debbie Duffer (434)470-0550 or Kim Grossman (434)251-2300 by August 1 to confirm the number of animals you will be bringing and for any further questions or concerns.

Auction flyer 

Auction info