2019 Grant Opportunities

Good Morning Halifax Producers –

The Tobacco Commission met earlier this month and finalized grant project opportunities for 2019.

Please Read & then Save or Print this email!  More updates will be shared as each grant program becomes open.

Agribusiness & Information Technology Program – OPEN NOW! *Program Guidelines & Overview files attached*

SOVA Ag IT Program Guidelines

SOVA Ag IT Program Overview

Required Software Component: (Must choose at least one)

Farm Logic, Cattle Pro, CowCalf5, Angus Info Management, or Website Development

Optional Additions:

Laptop Computer, QuickBooks, IPad/Tablet, CowCalf Mobile APP

*Details: 33% Cost share up to $3,300, max eligible estimated expenses – $10,000

To request an application, simply reply to this email or pick up a paper application at the Halifax Extension Office.

Pasture, Crops, and Livestock Systems Program – opening in May or June (estimate)

{pasture watering systems, hay barns, grain bins, hay wrappers, cold storage, livestock handling equipment}

Details: 33% Cost share up to $3,300; max eligible estimated expenses – $10,000.

Produce GAP Grant Opportunity: – opening in early spring (estimate)

The grant cost share proposed is 50% for:

-USDA Audit up to $1,000 producer cost (cost share up to $500)

Potable and irrigation water testing up to $200 producer cost (cost share up to $100)

Please email or call with any questions – as always, it is a pleasure serving you.



Rebekah J. Slabach

Agriculture Extension Agent | Halifax County, Virginia

171 South Main Street | Halifax, VA  24558

Office: (434) 476-2147 | Fax: (434) 476-7777

rslabach@vt.edu | Halifax Extension website

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