Yes, it’s the fourth Thursday of the month again.  SVMGA calling all Southern VA small ruminant producers to come out and play with Roberts Rules of Order during our monthly business meeting. Unmatched entertainment on a Thursday night at 7.

Seriously, each time you attend, your name is entered into the raffle bucket to win either the Kiko buck or $300 in October. The handsome devil is pictured on our Facebook page.  His parents are Eunice and Zeus. (I put the wrong name of the buck on our first posting.) Both parents registered with the National Kiko Registry.

On the agenda this evening: the date of our next consignment sale. We have traditionally held one in August (last year we deviated from the pattern a little in the Fall). Would like to hear from membership if they have any animals they would like to sell in August, or whether members prefer September. Please drop me a note this week.

Upcoming:  Greg Wade will speak on Forages for Small Ruminants and Cattle as part of the August meeting. (August 23, 2018)  Dr. Dahlia O’Brien, Small Ruminant Specialist at VSU, will be our featured speaker in September, date TBD.

Hope all are well and your goats and sheep are thriving.  Let me hear from you about a preferred sale date, and please forward any suggestions for next year’s programs.

Best regards,
Pam Alderson

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