Rams for sale

Katahdin Rams for sale from Poplar View Farm, LLC in Dillwyn, VA. Asking $500.00 each for them. All of these rams were sired by “Red TLF 1420” that was purchased in September of 2014 at the Virginia Tech Southwest AREC Performance Ram Test Sale in Glade Spring, VA. He did extremely well in that test for both growth and resistance to internal parasites (the Barber Pole Worm.)
Please contact David Wise at info@poplarviewfarm.com or 434-983-8780 if you have questions or if you’re interested in purchasing one of these rams.Rams available for sale as of 6-08-2018 Click the blue link for pictures and information. Rams available for sale from Poplar View Farm LLC as of 6-08-2018

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